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How to Make Pattern Glitter Tiles

Without VM Sparkles

With VM Sparkles


~You will need~

- A Pattern File  
There are many free pattern files on the internet or you can make your own

  Ulead ArtTexture Plug-in is Free and will create patterns 
You can download Ulead ArtTexture Plug-in

- The Snowflakes 1.01 Plug-in  
by VDL VanDerLee Adrenaline
You can download the Snowflake Plugin

This plug-in is great for adding snow to pictures also
While you are there
check out the SnowScape Plugin
A little hard to work with at first, but once you get the hang of it, its pretty neat  

- Optional Sparkle Plug-in -
This will add sparkles to your glitter image
Download the Sparkle Zip Here
Extract to your plug-in folder
You will need to reboot before the sparkle will be in your plugin folder. 

For the Tutorial I am using this pattern


 1. Open the Pattern file you wish to use in PSP
The Glitter image size should be approximately 100x100 in size
I like to use this size, because when filling a large area, such as a shape or inside a dingbat font picture you will not get those ugly lines where the pattern tiles. If you have a large enough graphic pattern original, you can resize the image or you can use the selection tool and cut a portion of the pattern out to make a new image

 2. If your image is not 16 Million Colors (24 Bit) you must convert it 
The Snowflake Plug-in will only work with images that are 16 Million Colors (24 bit)
To Convert, click  Colors Increase Color Depth 16 Million Colors (24 bit)

 3. Duplicate the image 3 times (Shift D), then close your original

 4. Click on the 1st Pattern Image  
Now we are going to apply the snowflake effect
Click Effects Open your Snowflake Plugin  
You will find the plug-in under the
VDL Adrenaline directory in your Plug-ins
If your image is large you will only see the picture at 50% so you must change to view to 100% otherwise you will not really be able to see the effect

 5. Snowflake Plug-in Settings 
The first 3 settings Amount Size Range Begin Size Range End will vary depending on the pattern. There is no definite settings for this tutorial 
Start with the Amount slider, try it at the very right end (1000)
Some patterns will require less in order to be able to see the pattern behind the snow
The Size Range Begin and Size Range End can be the same, and they will stay near the left end. As you slide the tabs, look at your image and you will be able to determine which settings look best
Keep the Hardness at 100 and Transparency at 0
Now you can choose your Glitter Color. Try different colors from the drop down menu to see which one you like best with your pattern. The Gold usually works very well. For my Fireworks pattern, I chose Black. You can even choose a custom color


I have found that a light color snow works best on a dark pattern, and visa versa
Slide the tab in the Random Seed Bar to the far left position
This will be the only change on the next two images
I usually start on the very left end for the first image, to the middle for the 2nd  image, and
all the way to the right on the 3rd image

 6. Click OK to apply the effect

 7. With your 1st Image still highlighted in PSP Click  Effects Sharpen Sharpen This step is very important, since when you sharpen the snow, it really makes it glisten

 8. Now Save this pattern tile 
Save As: and give it a name. I named mine Fireworks1.psp.  Keep in PSP format

 9. Highlight the 2nd Pattern Image 
Click Effects and open the Snowflake Plug-in again
Keep the same settings as the 1st Image, with the exception of the Random Seed
Move the Slider Tab in the Random Seed to the middle
Click OK to apply the effect

10. With your  2nd Image still highlighted in PSP Click Effects Sharpen Sharpen 

 11. Now Save the 2nd pattern tile
Save As: the same name as the first pattern tile and add #2 to the end,   i.e. Fireworks2.psp
Keep in PSP format

 12. Highlight the 3rd Pattern Image
Click Effects Open the Snowflake Plug-in again
Keep the same settings as both the 1st and 2nd image
Now change the Random Seed Slider Tab to the far right
Click OK to apply the effect

With your  3rd Image still highlighted in PSP  Click Effects Sharpen Sharpen 

14. Save the 3rd  Pattern Image
Save As: the same name as the first pattern tile and add #3 to the end,   i.e. Fireworks3.psp
Keep in PSP format

If you want to add more than one color snow. You can repeat the Snowflake plug-in with another color. See example below. Just remember to sharpen again
You can also add glittery stars to each tile after you have applied the snowflakes.
You can use a sparkle tube to add sparkles in different areas on each tile or you can use another plugin called VM Natural Sparkle

To add the optional VM Sparkles
Play with the Max Size settings to get the size stars you want. Stars will be white. If you want to make the stars colored. Play with the settings in Red Green Blue. Change the Random Seed Setting for each glitter tile to get the stars in a different position on each tile

15. Now you have your 3 pattern files and we need to take them to Animation Shop

~ Open Animation Shop ~

Animation Wizard Settings
Same Size as the First Image Frame
Default Canvas Color Transparent
Animation Frame Images Location Upper Left Corner of Frame
Image Fill with Canvas Color
Repeat Animation Indefinitely
Frame Display 10 seconds

16. Add your 3 glitter images

17. Follow Animation Shop prompts

18. Save your Animation 
Save As: Give your Glitter Tile Animation a name and make sure you keep the file type .GIF

Another Hint: 
I always save my 3 glitter image files in PSP format
I create a folder with the name of the glitter and when I save each glitter image I save to that folder This way when I want to use the images as a fill in PSP,  I do not have to export them from AS each time.  

Add Glitter to text or shapes  

  1. Open the 3 Glitter images in PSP. You can minimize them
  2. Open the text or image you wish to glitter
  3. Using the magic wand, select the areas you wish to add the glitter to
  4. Click on the Pattern Icon in your Styles Box. And choose the 1st Glitter Image
  5. Flood Fill or Paint the selected area with the glitter image
  6. Save As: Name your file, i.e. Fireworks Glitter1.psp

  7. Edit Undo
click on the Style Tab and change your current image to the 2nd Glitter Tile. 
9. Now flood fill or paint the selected area
10. Save As:  FireworksGlitter2.psp

11. Edit Undo
12. Click on the Style Tab and change your current image to the 3rd Glitter Tile
13. Now flood file or paint the selected area
14. Save As: FireworksGlitter3.psp

Now Go to Animation Shop

15. Use the same settings as used to make the Glitter Tiles
16. Choose your FireworksGlitter Files 1,2,3
17. Save As: and name your gif animation file

You now have your glitter animation in the object or text you have chosen

Ulead ArtTexture Plugin to create your own patterns

Here is a sample of pattern created from Ulead ArtTexture Plugin

Created with Ulead Art Texture

Glitter Tile Created using Gold Color Snowflake

Glitter Tile created using Gold Snowflake then applied plug-in again with Black Color Snowflake

Seira55 - Night Owl - Terry