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1. Extracting your Glitter Gif File to Separate Frames
- A glitter file is an animation. Animations are always in GIF Format. Animations contain frames of individual pictures. Most glitter files have 3 frames, but some have more. For this tutorial we will talk about a Glitter File consisting of 3 frames.

To be able to use glitter files you will need to export each of the frames to Paint Shop Pro so that you will have 3 separate images. (1 image from each frame in the glitter gif file).

2. Open the Glitter File in Animation Shop
- Open the Glitter File in Animation Shop. 
After your glitter file is open you will need to select all frames.
Edit Menu Select All (Ctrl A).
- Right Click on any one of the frames in the glitter file.
- A popup window will display a list of options.
Choose Export Frames to Paint Shop Pro (Shift X).
3. This will automatically open Paint Shop Pro
- Make sure your Layer Palette window is open.
- With your glitter image highlighted, you will see 3 Frames. Click on each frame and drag to an empty area of the workspace
- Once you have dragged a frame you will need to highlight the original glitter again to choose another frame to drag. Drag all 3 frames to your workspace
- You will now see 3 additional images each image is a frame of the glitter file. You can hover your curser over the file name and it will show you the frame number
- You can now close original glitter file and minimize each glitter frame image
4. Selecting Areas of your image to Glitter


Open the Image you wish to glitter
1. Use the Magic Wand to Select an area of your image. You may have to play with the tolerance settings to get all of the area you wish to select. If you hold the Shift Key down you can add another area to your selection. Once you have the areas selected that you want to glitter, Save to Alpha Channel
Selections Save to Alpha Channel
Selections Select None
2. Now if you want to glitter more areas with another glitter file you can create a separate alpha channel. In the example I have created the 2nd Alpha Channel by creating selections using the Lasso tool. The Lasso tool is good for selections that you are unable to create using the Magic Wand. I decided to make my own freehand selections of the Daisy centers
Using the Lasso Tool
Freehand Style
Feather 0
Antialias Checked
I then drew a jagged circle in the inner part of the daisy centers. Save selection to Alpha Channel
Selections Save to Alpha Channel
Selections Select None
You can create as many selections to save to alpha channels as you like
5. You now have all your selections saved to alpha channels and are ready to start glittering your selections
- With you layer Palette open, right click on your image (background)
- Promote your background to a Layer
- Duplicate the Layer 2 times. You should now have 3 layers. If your Glitter file has more than 3 frames, make sure you duplicate the layer to create the same amount of layers as your Glitter File has frames
- To make it easier you can rename your layers Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3, etc.
- Load the Alpha Channel you wish to glitter.
- Selections Load from Alpha Channel. You will see the marching ants around your selection
- Open Patterns in the Style Box. You will see the 3 glitter frame images that you have minimized. Choose the first image to set it as your current
- Starting with Layer 1 you can either Flood Fill or paint  with your 1st Glitter Frame
- Once you have it filled, X out the Layer
- Open Patterns in the Style Box and choose the 2nd Glitter Frame to set it as your current pattern
- Highlight Layer 2 on your image and flood fill or paint with your 2nd Glitter Frame
- Once you have it filled X out the Layer
- Open Patterns in the Style Box and choose the 3rd Glitter Frame to set as your current pattern
- Highlight Layer 3 on your image and flood fill or paint with your 3rd Glitter Frame
- The reason we are places X's on each layer is so that you can temporarily hide the layer, which will let you actually see the selection being filled on your next layer
- To glitter another area Open another alpha Channel and follow the same instructions above


When you have applied all the glittered areas. Make sure you take all the Xs off the layers so they are all active.
Save the File in PSP FORMAT. By saving in psp format you will retain the layers that will create the animation.

6. Animate your Glittered Image
Open your saved PSP Glitter Image file in Animation Shop.

Click on the View Menu - View Animation to see your image glitter.
If you are satisfied with your image, save animation with standard optimization settings